Who do you think you are?

Friday morning at 9 AM

Presented by John Nemick; MS, LCSW, Zen Practitioner

We will use our time in a free-form exchange of ideas and experience, anchored by a discovery of the nature and consequences of ‘self-talk’ and the conditioned mind.  

What stories do we tell ourselves?

How did we learn these stories?

How do the stories serve us?

Evolving new stories and finding joy!!

Presented By

John Nemick 

MS, LCSW, Zen Practitioner

John is a Masters prepared Psychotherapist in Green Bay who has worked in the field since 1982.
He is active in several personal growth organization: significantly, with Men’s Work and Prison volunteer programs. He has completed nearly 40 Men’s Trainings and he is part of the Leader Team at the events.  John is trained in Internal Family Systems, Jungian orientations and other related areas.
John is also known by his ‘dharma name’; Vimala Muni, he is a Roshi (Senior Teacher) in the Rinzai Zen tradition through the Hollow Bones Lay Order.

Vimala founder the Green Bay Zen Center in 195 and he continues to lead the group.


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