Pre-Festival Field Trip: Creating a Place Map

Immersion Excursion Presenter:Lake Ledge Naturalist, LLC

Transportation Provided from the Kress

Friday Afternoon at 1pm 

An introduction to strategies for the practice of mindful observation to nurture sense of place.

Explore techniques in the art of observation that are used by field biologists and naturalists when reading and studying landscapes. Then create a place map that traces your own reflections, observations and investigations along the way.

The practice of mindful observation (noticing, observing and documenting all you experience and encounter as you move through a landscape) allows you the gift of time to slow down, to truly be in the present moment and focus on the flow of your own attention.

Hike through microhabitats using all senses in search of patterns, connections, textures, movements, sounds, rhythms and shapes within a landscape. Join us as we explore and deepen our connection with the land and create personal place maps of all we experience.

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