Pranayama Breathing

Kathy Navis, Junction Center Yoga

Saturday  at 11 am 

We charge our cells phones every night, but how do you recharge your body and mind? The secret may be in your breath!

Pranayama is a yoga practice that teaches breathing techniques that increase vital energy or vital life force. Prana means life force or breath sustaining the body; Ayama translates as "to extend or draw out." Together it means breath extension or control. Thus, the word “pranayama” translates to the control of life force. It is also known as the extension of breath. Every cell in our bodies needs oxygen to function properly.

So it’s no surprise that research shows that a regular practice of controlled breathing can decrease the effects of stress on the body, increase energy and overall physical as well as mental health and clarity. It oxygenates lung capacity to increase life longevity, resulting in optimal health and well-being

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Kathy Navis

Kathy has been practicing Yoga since 1980. She began her studies while in college at UWGB in Green Bay, WI. In 1996 she began to study with Kathleen Kelly Hoffman of the Bay Area Yoga Center. In 2001 she completed her teacher training as well as the advanced teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara with Ganga White and Tracey Rich. Since then, she has done extensive study with Dr. Ranjani Cobo an Ashtanga teacher from Argentina. In 2006, Kathy began to work with Micheal Stone a Yoga teacher, psychotherapist, Buddhist teacher and author based in Toronto. Kathy opened Junction Center Yoga in 2001 and teaches 4-8 classes per week.  She is the owner of Greens N Grains and Junction Center Yoga

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