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Please consider joining us for the Door County Festival of Wellness. We are excited to showcase all types of wellness avenues and exploration activities. After expenses, the festival proceeds will benefit the Friends of the Pavilion, a non profit that helps operate the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion Community Center.  We are excited for the opportunity to collaborate and promote the value of wellness tourism. The festival is focusing on intergenerational wellness 


Workshop Presenter:
Workshops will be hands on activities for groups of 12-16 – as a workshop presenter, you will receive a stipend for materials. Criteria is to create a project to have attendees do a partial hands-on activity and take small something home with them.



Talks will be 45 minutes long for groups of up to 50-100 people. The space that the talks will take place in is the Great Hall, and features a large video wall for presentations. It can be plugged into via HDMI cable or through a thumb drive.


Immersions and Excursions:

Immersions will leave from the Kress Pavilion either by foot or presenter provided transportation. The festival is looking into shuttle service, but this is not guaranteed. Immersive excursions will be 1-3 hours long and should accommodate approximately 10-20 people. Guests will be asked to sign up for these in advance, so we should know the approximate count upon their festival sign up. As a presenter you will receive a stipend for attendees.


Food or Drink Sponsor:
We are looking for food and drink sponsors that match the theme of the festival, with vegetarian options being a priority. There are opportunities to sponsor the continental breakfasts, welcome reception or lunch. Attendee number is fluid, but we should have a good idea a week out of the festival and will pick up items if needed.


Cash Sponsors:
As a way to defray costs and allow for scholarship attendees, we are hoping to for a cash sponsors to underwrite the festival. If you are interested in this and your priorities match ours, please ask for a list of opportunities.


Volunteer Team:
We would love to have volunteers help us pull it off. Volunteer opportunities involve check in, festival management and coordination. Volunteers receive a free ticket to the event. 

Venue Sponsor:
This is the Door County Wellness Festival, and we are excited to make it a county-wide experience. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for as a site for the fest.  


Wellness Exhibitor:

Join us to welcome festival attendees and feature your wellness product and services at our Welcome Reception. The cost is $100 to participate and comes with one 6’ table. There are no direct sales of products, this is a marketing opportunity.


Add-on Experience:
Door County has so much to offer, do you have a concept for a wellness event that is outside of the festival hours? Please let us know what you would like to offer. This would be an add on.  

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