Introduction to Myofascial Release

Friday morning at 9 AM

Presented by Erin Tauscher, Myofascial Release Practitioner

Myo-what?? Translation please. Don’t worry, most people I know have no idea what this means. Myo means muscle and Fascia is all of the connective tissue from the top of your skin to the depths of your bones. Release, to me, means letting go. You may say ‘yeah ok, what does it have to do with me?”


It turns out we don’t know what we don’t know and we are not aware of what we feel in our bodies if we don’t pay attention to it. There are many subtle sensations of the body we can tune into if we create time and space to explore them. In my experience no one in mainstream medicine taught me to tune in. I had no idea how much tightness, tension and stress I was carrying in my body until I met John F. Barnes, the physical therapist that helped to develop myofascial release techniques over 40 years ago.   


Join me for one hour to learn more about this fascinating system that connects everything in our body! After a brief introduction, I will take you on an inner journey to get more in touch with your body. Every body is very different, especially in terms of physical, mental, and emotional experience from birth to this very moment. We store these past issues in our tissues if we haven’t adequately embraced them and let them go. Therefore I will show you some very common postural muscles that need releasing and various methods to go about it.


This class is just the start of the exploration of free movement in your body! I’m honored to guide you to this deeper self connection.

Presented By

Erin Tauscher

Myofascial Release Practitioner

My name is Erin Tauscher and I have been an occupational therapist for over 10 years. 

Last year I dove into the study of myofascial release and it has changed my relationship with my body and my entire outlook on therapy services/bodywork. It shifted my perspective so much that I opened a private practice solely using myofascial release techniques called Mind Body Freedom. One on one sessions focus on postural alignment, identifying muscle/tissue imbalances and release to allow your body to re-calibrate and maintain an easy upright posture as you age.  In addition to better joint alignment, releasing tension on your entire system improves circulation, organ health and muscle strength.

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