Intro to QiGong with ZenJen

Immersion Excursion Presenter: Zen Jen Aldrich


Sunday at 9 am 

Location:  Andria's Dancin on the Door, 4614 Harbor School Rd, Egg Harbor

7 minute walk from Kress

Students will learn a slow movement & breath routine. These movements are part of a sequence that is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Students will learn the spring protocol that supports the body's organ system, muscles and joints. This class is geared for any age & older adults and is beneficial for overall wellness & stress relief. No experience necessary and can be practiced at any ability level.

The Presenter

Jennifer, Zen Jen Aldrich

Jennifer, "Zen Jen" Aldrich is a dynamic artist, licensed massage therapist, and energy & wellness practitioner. She used art therapy, massage, Reiki, Access Consciousness and QiGong to coach, teach and share with clients and students to get back to balance and joy. 

ZenJen's philosophy is rooted in Chinese medicine studies which is over 5,00 years of observation, contemplation, and wisdom of nature. She also works for the Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor sharing her love & appreciation for nature. 

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