Belly Dancing for Every Body

Immersion Excursion Presenter: Andria Nikoupolis 

Sunday at 11 am 

Location:  Andria's Dancin on the Door, 4614 Harbor School Rd, Egg Harbor

7 minute walk from Kress

Practicing the graceful art of belly dance is a fun and beautiful way to celebrate a rich history of movement while staying in shape with many benefits!  

In it’s most ancient form, belly dance was originally known as a folkloric dance to celebrate the harvest of a crop, the birth of a child and the union of marriage. The rounded, fluid movements of this dance form are particularly well suited for encouraging tone, flexibility and grace. The flowing arm motions, chest moves, hips rolls and shoulder shimmies provide a smooth, low-impact cardio workout that builds endurance and strength, while layering isolations stimulate brain health. Additionally, it empowers a person with pride, self-esteem, and confidence to be carried through many life experiences!  

The Presenter

Andria Nikoupolis-Weliky

Andria Nikoupolis-Weliky has been dancing her whole life, performing and teaching dance to all ages for over thirty years in a wide variety of dance forms, Classical Ballet, Middle Eastern Dance and Tap to name a few. Andria has two adult children who have both been students of hers in their younger years and to which she is very proud of their success today! The confidence and poise she sees in them and in her present students fills her with joy to see the many benefits dance gives a person in life.  Andria owns our community’s local dance studio, Andria’s Dancin’ On The Door School of Dance and is grateful for the opportunity to share her passion and joy of dance and to encourage all to celebrate everyday with movement.  

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